Successful Strategies For Selling Ad Space On Low-Traffic Websites

Upon first thinking about it, the idea of selling advertising on a website or blog with limited traffic seems a bit daft. After all, aren’t most advertisers interested in putting their product in front of the highest number of eyeballs possible? Approaching them with piddly visitor numbers seems like a surefire way to end up in the deleted folder.

But though it may feel like putting the cart before the horse, there are many good reasons and ways to sell ad space on low-traffic websites. What you need to always keep in mind is that, while advertisers are drawn to high traffic numbers, they desire something else even more: high conversion rates. There are plenty of success stories of websites that have limited traffic but sell a ton of advertising. These websites succeed because they do one thing well: they deliver the right type of customer to the right type of business.

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What Do You Have To Offer? Now, before you rush off and draft your first advertising offer, take a page from the Greeks and “know thyself.” This means you have to research your website first so that you can pitch it effectively to potential advertisers. Here are some good ways to research your website and its audience.


Clicky has the advantage of providing real-time analytics, unlike Google Analytics. Areas to look out for are:

  • What do people look at when they visit my website?
  • What are my most popular pages?
  • What pages do people stay on the longest?
  • What keywords do they use to find my website?

With this knowledge, you can develop a picture of what interests your visitors and what kinds of advertisers would pay for access to people with those types of interests.

  • avatar Davidsaid:
    March 25th, 2010

    Hey, informative article. I will definitely use these analysis tools for my next project. thanks and keep posting informational posts.

  • avatar Ambersaid: March 28th, 2010

    Good tip.s I just recently started offering ads through BuySellAds. They’re pretty selective about who they choose (they had turned me down 5 months ago). I’ve only sold one ad so far, but hopefully I’ll sell all 6 soon ;)

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